Submissions for PSP’s first Anthology are now CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work. If you have not received a yay or nay, your submission is still being reviewed. We hope to have all decisions made and responses sent by the end of October. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the title, artwork, cover, etc. as well as future submission opportunities!


Deadline for Submissions

It’s almost that time, everyone! Deadline for submissions for PSP’s first Fantasy Anthology is tomorrow 9/30! We’ve received some great stories so far. If you’ve submitted and have yet to hear yay or nay, your story is still being reviewed. Final decisions will be made by the end of October.

If you have a fantasy short story you think would be a good fit for our first anthology, read the Guidelines and send it in! Submissions will be accepted until midnight Eastern tomorrow! Good luck!

There’s Still Time!

We are still accepting submissions for our first Fantasy Anthology! Fantasy short stories between 1,000 and 7,500 words will continue to be accepted until September 30th. We’ve received some awesome pieces so far, so keep them coming! For full details and guidelines, go to to the following link:

Please let us know if you have any questions! or (717) 743-1332 We look forward to reading your work!

Keep it Coming!

There’s already been a number of submissions for the PSP fantasy anthology! I didn’t expect such a large and quick response and am thrilled so many of you want to be included in what I know will be an awesome compilation of the best fantasy short stories out there. I’m especially looking forward to reading your submissions and will start on them this weekend.

My vision is for this anthology to not only introduce new and little known writers to the world, but to create a book which will have something in it for all lovers of Fantasy. Because of this, the selection process will be lengthy, and I hope to include stories which showcase the wide spectrum of what the fantasy genre has to offer.

So, be creative, get writing, and keep those submissions coming!

Full details HERE

Now Accepting Submissions!

Well, the time has finally come for Purple Sun Press to accept submissions!

Now, before you all start sending me your 150,000 word epic fantasy novels, submissions are only open for short stories in Fantasy and all its sub-genres.

OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the idea of this project is to introduce new and lesser-known fantasy authors to readers by including their work in an awesome Fantasy short-story compilation! I want to help gifted fantasy writers get their work out in the world to be enjoyed! Stories submitted should be between 1,000 and 7,500 words and must fall into the Fantasy genre. Depending on the length and quality of submissions, approximately 10 to 20 stories will be chosen to be included in the Fantasy short-story compilation (title yet to be determined) to be published in both eBook and print.

Check out the full Submission Guidelines.

So all you fantasy writers, get your creative juices flowing and submit your stories! LET’S DO THIS!