And the winner is….

A huge thank you to all who participated in our poll! You have spoken and decided that the interior font for Coven will be the same for each story! It was a close poll though! The ‘same’ voters won by just two votes!

But don’t get too excited…the task is not complete. Now, you get to decide what font will be used! Click on the link below to see a PDF of the opening of Crystal Silence by Darrel Duckworth in the different fonts, then vote on the one you like the best!

Coven Interior Fonts



Editing Finished!

IMG_1132Well, here it is! The final story for Coven finished edited and ready to be added to the pile for formatting! So far we’re staying on schedule and looking toward a tentative release date of August 2015!

That being said, we’d love your input on the interior font! Would you like to see a different font chosen to fit each story or a single font all the way through? Vote below!

Coven Teasers Galore

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Sorry I missed Teaser Tuesday yesterday, but that means we’ll just have our next teaser today! There are just three stories left to edit for Coven and then initial formatting will begin! Every time I go through a story, even though I’ve read them all numerous times before, I’m continually impressed by the ingenuity and talent of Coven’s authors. There are deep meanings to be found in every single story that will appeal to fantasy lovers and non-fantasy lovers alike. The worlds and characters Coven’s authors have created will stay with its readers and continue to touch them long after they’ve put the book down.

Today, I’m excited to share a short teaser from the opening scene of Crystal Silence by Darrel Duckworth.

Rem fought although he knew it was futile. The Horde had come to their village. They would slaughter everyone. Mutilate their bodies. Destroy their dwellings.

The Horde would not leave until there was nothing but mud piles strewn with pieces of his people.

Coven Teaser #2!

Editing for Coven had to take a short break because I came down with bronchitis, but never fear! I’m back up and running and editing is full steam ahead! Check out this awesome teaser from the opening of That Was Falling by A. E. Decker! This fantastic short story will be featured in Coven! Don’t miss out!

Jozay had told himself that if he got caught, he’d bear his punishment stoically. But he screamed. Screamed for the agony to stop. And when it didn’t, he broke down in incoherent sobs. The Head Sergeant told Instructor Ferrick to stop after thirty lashes.

*The above quote is from That Was Falling by A. E. Decker.*

Tuesday Teaser As Promised!

The editing for Coven is going extremely well! Three of the seventeen stories are edited and ready for formatting! As promised, enjoy this beautiful and intriguing teaser is from the opening of Shenoa Carroll-Bradd’s The Coral Queen. One of the amazing stories we’re happy to have in Coven!

“The water we glide through grows warmer by the day. Shallower. And as my world gains focus, the ocean floor slowly comes into view. What once was clouded mystery is now suggestions and hints of familiar shapes below us in the dark, which means we’re returning to the place where I died.”

*This quote is taken from Shenoa Carroll-Bradd’s  The Coral Queen which will be featured in Coven.*

Editing Party!

IMG_1060It’s an editing party here at PSP! That’s right! Editing for Coven has officially begun! *does a little happy dance*

If all goes well, we should be ready for initial formatting by the beginning of April. We’re still brainstorming ideas for the cover, so any and all suggestions are welcome! To know why the title was chosen and hopefully help get your creative juices flowing, check this out.

I’m so excited to have stories from 17 wonderfully talented authors in PSP’s first anthology! Though all fantasy, there is no common theme. The stories are unique and engaging and will appeal to a wide range of readers, even those of you who don’t usually partake in fantasy!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook! Stay posted, because I won’t be able to contain myself from sharing little teasers!





1. a meeting of witches
2. a company of 13 witches
3. an anthology of fantasy stories from gifted authors all over the world published by Purple Sun Press
Word Origin
C16: probably from Old French covin group, ultimately from Latinconvenīre to come together; compare convent
(if you couldn’t guess, #3 isn’t an ‘official’ definition, but it’s our favorite!)

So why was the word Coven chosen for the title of our first anthology? In the most basic definition of the word (ignoring the witches, of course) it is a meeting, a gathering. And so is our anthology. But instead of witches coming together, we have a group of seventeen talented fantasy authors. Yet, in a way, they are witches. Not in the ‘dropping a bat’s wing into a boiling cauldron’ sense. (Though…maybe…I don’t really know.) But they’re witches in their own unique special way. They’re wielding their own magic with each and every word they put down on a page. They’re crafting a wondrous story out of nothing but their creativity and imaginations. They’re introducing us to new people and worlds and making us wish it wasn’t fantasy – that it was real.

What do you think of the title? Do you have any ideas for what would make a great cover? Let us know!

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UPDATE – Anthology

Happy Friday, everyone! All of the contracts for Purple Sun Press’s first anthology have been sent via email. If you have have been accepted and haven’t received an email from me with the contract, please let me know ASAP and I will send out another email.

For those of you who’ve already sent the signed/dated contracts, you rock! I will be away next week, so I won’t be able to get my regular old mail. I will let you know that I’ve received it as soon as I get back! Congratulations again! I’m looking forward to working with all of you!

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