Coven is Purple Sun Press’s first fantasy anthology! It is a wonderful compilation of stories from talented fantasy writers from across the US, Canada, and the UK. With tales ranging from dark fantasy to high fantasy, magical realism and even some paranormal, Coven includes riveting, thought-provoking stories that will appeal to a wide range of Fantasy fans!







Olivia Berrier – Across Silence and Darkness

Olivia Berrier Picture

Olivia Berrier is often clueless and always shoeless. She does most of her writing in the early morning, a time of both silence and darkness. She counters the darkness by burning three writing candles, and the silence by listening to whatever movie score calls to her that day. The characters in her story did not find their own silence or darkness so easily remedied. Her Internet sanctuary is, where she posts links to her writing and gives her characters unusual homework assignments.

Dale Carothers – Impropriety


Dale Carothers lives in Minnesota with his wife, Sara, and an emotionally demanding beagle. He eats way more cake than he should, but is trying to cut down. He has been published in Ruined Cities, The Death God’s Chosen, Neo-opsis and several other magazines and anthologies. Find links to his work, and leave a comment, at

Steve Coate – Wolf’s Bane

Steve Coate(GD) 7/09/10 Staff mugs Photo by Ginny Dixon, Correspondent

Steve Coate is a writer who lives in sunny South Florida, where he struggles daily for dominion of the keyboard with his possessive tabby, Bigby. His short fiction has also appeared in Third Flatiron AnthologiesPlasma Frequency Magazine, and Stupefying Stories: SHOWCASE among other publications. For a full bibliography, visit Follow Steve on Twitter @stevecoate for updates on his fiction. Readers can also drop him a line at

A. E. Decker – That Was Falling


A. E. Decker is a former ESL tutor and tai chi instructor who holds degrees in English and History. Naturally, instead of making proper use of her education, she decided to become a writer instead. Her stories have appeared in such publications as Fireside Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Phobos Magazine. She currently lives in Pennsylvania, and like all writers, is owned by two cats

Eric Del Carlo – Atop the Scarlet Sky

eric on rock

Eric Del Carlo has been selling his science fiction and fantasy for over two decades. His work has appeared in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, Shimmer, Perihelion and many other venues. His novels, solo and collaborative, have been published by Ace Books, DarkStar Books, Loose Id and other houses. His most recent book, The Golden Gate Is Empty, was co-written by his father Vic Del Carlo and is coming soon from White Cat Publishing. Find him on Facebook for comments or questions.

Darrel Duckworth – Crystal Silence

Darrel Duckworth - Writer Seeking Enlightenment

After a long career in high tech Darrel Duckworth returned to his first love, writing. He now spends more time on other worlds, occasionally returning to Earth to refill his coffee mug. His stories can be found in magazines such as LORE, Untied Shoelaces of the Mind and, Bards and Sages. And now, Purple Sun Press! (But you already knew that since you had the good taste to buy the anthology.)

Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano – Death Strikes Twice

BK and CP

Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano skulk the realms of south, central Pennsylvania. Brian developed a love of writing from countless hours of reading comic books and losing himself in the worlds and adventures found within their colorful pages. In tenth grade, Chris was discouraged by his English teacher from reading H.P. Lovecraft, and being a naturally disobedient youth he has been a fan ever since. They have logged many hours writing novels, stories, articles, comic books, reviews, and on occasion a bawdy haiku. During their tenure as a writing duo, they even started their own micro-press publishing company, Fortress Publishing, Inc.

D. Thomas Minton – Servant of the Sea

Minton (200 pixels)

D Thomas Minton resides in the Pacific Northwest of the continental USA with his wife and daughter.  The miracles of modern technology allow him to work as a tropical marine biologist, and he helps Pacific Island communities conserve their coral reefs.  His fiction has been published in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Lightspeed Magazine, and InterGalactic Medicine Show.

Gregory L. Norris – The Well

Gregory radio

Gregory L. Norris writes full-time from the outer limits of New Hampshire.  His work has appeared in numerous fiction anthologies, national magazines, and has been produced for both television and film.  Norris once wrote for Sci Fi, the official magazine of the Sci Fi Channel, and he worked as a screenwriter on two episodes of Paramount’s Star Trek: Voyager series.  Recent short story publications include Lovecraft e-zine, Wicked Seasons, and Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning, in which he is published beside reprints by such greats as Mary Shelley and Edgar Allen Poe.  Twice, his stories have notched Honorable Mentions by Datlow’s Year’s Best anthologies.  Norris judged the 2014 Lambda Awards in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror category.  His newest book, Tales From the Robot Graveyard, is available in early 2015 from Great Old Ones Publishing.

Konstantine Paradias – Snake Wounds the Heel

Κωνσταντίνος Παραδιάς-φωτογραφ ία

Konstantine Paradias is a jeweler by profession and a writer by choice. His short stories have been published in the AE Canadian Science fiction review, World War Cthulhu and  the BATTLE ROYALE  Slambook by Haikasoru. People tell him he’s got a writing problem but he can quit like, whenever he wants, man. His short story, “How You Ruined Everything” has been included in Tangent Online’s 2013 recommended SF reading list and his short story “The Grim” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

J. T. Seate – A Very Special Ride


Winner of Horror Novel Review’s 2013 Best Short Fiction Award, Jay writes everything from humor to the erotic to the macabre and is especially keen on transcending genre pigeonholing. Over two hundred stories appear in magazines, anthologies and webzines. They may be told with hardcore realism or humor, bringing to life the most unlovely of characters. You’ll find many of his works online at Amazon and B&N.

Jonathan Shipley – Tomorrow in Crystal


Jonathan Shipley, a member of Science Fiction Writers of America, writes short stories and novels in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. In the writing profession, there are two huge challenges. One is the writing itself, and the second is getting the works published. In terms of output, he has written nine novels and over a hundred-and-twenty short stories in a vast story arc that ranges from Nazi occultism to vampires to futuristic space opera. On the publication front, he has had over forty short stories published, and one of the novels, a World War II thriller, is currently shortlisted at a New York publishing house. The AFTER DEATH anthology where he was a contribution author won the 2014 Bram Stoker Award for best anthology, and the short story “Like a Bat Out of Hell” was chosen as one of eight finalists for the 2014 Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award. He maintains a website at  where a complete listing of his publications can be found.

Benjamin Sperduto – The Temple of the Shrieking Goddess


Benjamin Sperduto is a history teacher and has also worked as a freelance editor and writer for roleplaying games. Some of his short stories have appeared in parABnormal DigestThe Realm BeyondBastion Science Fiction, and Red Skies Press’s Techno-Goth Cthulhu anthology. His first novel, The Walls of Dalgorod, is forthcoming from Curiosity Quills Press in February 2015. A graduate of the University of South Florida, he lives and works in Tampa, Florida. For a full list of publications and fiction updates, visit or follow him on Twitter (@bensperduto)

David Steffen – Condemned


David Steffen is a writer and software engineer living in Minnesota.  You can find his fiction at publications like Escape Pod, Daily Science Fiction, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.  You can find his nonfiction at SF Signal.  He is the co-founder of the Submission Grinder tool for writers to find markets for their fiction, and the co-editor of Diabolical Plots which is publishing fiction for the first time in 2014.

David Tallerman – All We May Know of God

Me - York - Cropped

David Tallerman is the author of the comic fantasy novels Giant ThiefCrown Thief and Prince Thief, as well as the absurdist steampunk graphic novel Endangered Weapon B: Mechanimal Science.

David’s short Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror has appeared in or is forthcoming in over sixty markets, including ClarkesworldAlfred Hitchcock’s Mystery MagazineLightspeed and Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  He can be found online at and

Desmond Warzel – Irresistible Forces

Desmond Warzel is the author of a few dozen short stories in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres.  These have appeared at spiffy websites like Daily Science Fiction and, on genuine dead tree in magazines like Fantasy & Science Fiction and anthologies like Unidentified Funny Objects 2, and in ear-pleasing audio on podcasts like The Drabblecast and Cast of Wonders.  He lives in northwestern Pennsylvania.

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