Coven Teasers Galore

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Sorry I missed Teaser Tuesday yesterday, but that means we’ll just have our next teaser today! There are just three stories left to edit for Coven and then initial formatting will begin! Every time I go through a story, even though I’ve read them all numerous times before, I’m continually impressed by the ingenuity and talent of Coven’s authors. There are deep meanings to be found in every single story that will appeal to fantasy lovers and non-fantasy lovers alike. The worlds and characters Coven’s authors have created will stay with its readers and continue to touch them long after they’ve put the book down.

Today, I’m excited to share a short teaser from the opening scene of Crystal Silence by Darrel Duckworth.

Rem fought although he knew it was futile. The Horde had come to their village. They would slaughter everyone. Mutilate their bodies. Destroy their dwellings.

The Horde would not leave until there was nothing but mud piles strewn with pieces of his people.